Wondering What’s Really on Our Content Services Menu?

I could simply list the content writing and editing services we offer.

But a list like this…

SEO Website copywriting
News story writing
Blog post writing
Video script development
Ghost writing services
Editing services
Ad copywriting
White papers
Social media content
Consulting and coaching services

…adds a whole new dimension to the concept of BORING!

And, a mere listing of services doesn’t even begin show you — my soon-to-be newest client – the exceptional benefits you get by collaborating with me.

What’s Really on Our Content Services Menu

  1. More personal time. Who doesn’t want more time? With us handling all the things that go in to creating fascinating content, you’ll have more time to actually do your job. More time to tend to your work, means you could end your day sooner. A shorter workday frees up time for fun, whether that’s golf, jogging, getting your pilot’s license, connecting with family – you get the picture.
  2. Larger sphere of influence. How? You have considerable expertise in your field and you want recognition for it. After all, the level of expertise and knowledge you have didn’t come easily. Why not share it with others on the many popular media channels? By partnering with me, you’ll have access to a highly experienced team with a clear understanding of how to enlarge your professional authority and influence.
  3. Demons slayed. An ugly demon called FEAR plagues the hearts of many executives when they think of developing their own content. And it may even have you in its clutches. It’s not that you don’t know what to say. You do. Perhaps you fear that you simply can’t adequately say it through the written word. Plus, you worry that if you do flub it up a bit; it could damage your reputation. Any content I create or edit on your behalf will match your professional tone and voice. Most of all, it will always position you, your company, your brand in the best possible way.
  4. Exceptional value. If we decide to work together, it’s because we’ve found that we have a mutual respect for one another’s professional expertise. You’ll have access to my experience and honest opinions about your ideas and vision regarding content and its propagation across the various media platforms. There’s never an additional charge for revisions. I work those words until you love what the piece says and how it says it. Dollar for dollar, my services give clients like you the best value available. Guaranteed.

Let’s talk about your projects and how I can add value to your life and career by handling the burden of content writing and editing for you.

I’m here. Let’s get to know one another.