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Live the Fresh Life and Prosper

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Fresh. It makes everyday the best day.

That one word does it for me. Brings me to life.

Fresh. Just an adjective. How can this one little word represent anything of great importance in my life? In anyone’s life?

Let me explain it so you can get fresh and rejuvenate every aspect of life.

I’m going to get fresh with you right now by sharing some of what makes my everyday the best day – no matter what’s going on around me. I might have chosen any number of seemingly more appropriate words and phrases when beginning a discussion about something that’s important to me, but here goes:








Outdoor life


Unburdening a client

Mac computers

Eating clean

Crisp, clean bed linens



Surprising someone “just because”


Smell of new leather


…and so many others.

But, instead, FRESH wears the crown when it comes to making my world go round.

Unleash the Fresh Side of Life

Everything’s better when it’s fresh.

  • Old relationships become new again when you put down your smartphone, step away from any other electronic distractions, and allow fresh ideas and meaningful conversation to flow.
  • Family life takes on a new appeal when you break out of the same old day-in-day-out routine. Turn off the TV and play a board game, go for a walk, create something together.
  • Daily fitness routines never get boring when you have a fresh new workout planned each day (one of the many reasons I love CrossFit).
  • Not to mention that food and water taste better, air smells better, and clothes look better when they’re fresh.
  • You spend a great portion of your life working, so your daily business routine can adjust a bad attitude or waning motivation when a fresh vibe courses through it.

I could go on with examples, but you can apply the “fresh rule” to all the areas of your own life to get a better understanding of why it has the power to make everything new again.

Tips for Rejuvenating Your Career and Personal Life

Finding (and staying) fresh requires that you step out of the familiar and into the unknown.

You can freshen up your image by wearing a new color – one you’ve never considered wearing – or a completely different hairstyle.

Take a deeper look at the habits you’ve formed. Which ones do you want to keep and which ones make you cringe? Eliminating the undesirable habits can shift your entire perception of life and transform your future.

Try something new and exotic for dinner.

Listen to a new type of music.

Invite someone you’ve just met to dinner.

Rearrange the furniture in your office or in a room at home.

Take a new route to work for a few days.

Delegate a new work project to someone who needs confidence.

Handwrite letters to new and old clients, professors, long lost cousins, aunts, or friends.

Stop tweeting and listen to real birds chirping for a half hour in the early morning.

My personal favorite: keep a gratitude journal. Nothing creates an environment of fresh like thankfulness. I use one of the many gratitude journal apps for iPhone. But if you prefer putting pen to paper in a physical journal, you can do that instead.

Fresh is all about making room for the new, the crisp, the clean. It’s about crushing monotony and mediocrity and unleashing beautiful. Fresh makes everyday the best day. No matter what.

What words make up your list of fresh? How will you freshen up your career and everyday?


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