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How to Get Out of a Sticky Icky Quagmire

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You’re stuck, and you can’t pull yourself out of it.

Whether you’re a housewife, a fireman, or a top executive, it’s a given that you’ll get stuck in a quagmire of low to no motivation at some point. It happens to everyone.

How do you get out? Unstuck?

One small step will get things started. Take one small step toward getting out of your rut.

Simple Tips for Getting Unstuck

Challenge yourself with something simple like taking 15 minutes (set a timer) to clear clutter from your desk. Or you could commit to working on a project you’ve been putting off for 10 minutes. Again, set a timer and remind yourself you only have to work on it for 10 minutes. Go for a 5-minute walk outside – just in your garden or up and down your street a few yards.

Once you start moving toward conquering a small challenge, you’ll feel much better about yourself, about life, about whatever trapped you in that burdensome, stuck state.

Sometimes you get stuck so deeply and for such an extended period, even these small challenges seem unattainable. So go even easier with your challenge:

  • Breathe in deeply for 3 minutes while thinking about nothing. Sit up straight and clear your mind of everything for just 3 minutes.
  • Get up 5 minutes earlier than usual. That’s it. Just get up out of the bed and start the day.
  • Write one word on a notepad or in a Word document that sums up your biggest passion. The next day, write a second word that goes with it. Just one word, not a sentence with a subject and predicate. One word.
  • Throw out your burdensome to-do list and just do ONE thing each day that lightens the figurative load on your shoulders.

The key is to just move. Take that one small step no matter how tiny and insignificant it may seem. The first step is always and unequivocally the hardest. Once you take it, you’ll feel lighter, you’ll experience your own power swell within you, you’ll feel encouraged and hopeful. With each step that follows, you’ll climb further out of that sticky icky quagmire.

It only takes one tiny little step. I dare you to move.


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