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The Quiet Place Where Greatness Grows

Samantha Gluck Mindfulness 6 Comments

Find yours and fill yourself with great

Doesn’t that sound fantastic? Filling yourself with great? Maybe it’s chocolate covered great with sprinkles on top. Or your great might simply have a huge dollop of whipped cream and a cherry shining on it.

Seriously though. A quiet place creates an environment where your personal greatness can begin to emerge. It won’t happen immediately, but after you’ve gotten used to taking a daily dose of silence and solitude, it will start to grow.

I’ve written about solitude and quiet spaces in the context of how practicing these can propel you to a more successful and fulfilling business and personal life. I felt compelled to write something today, but just didn’t know what. Writers and other creatives get a kind of itch that originates from the inside when they need to dive into their crafts. Often we don’t have a clear idea about where to start.

I’ve been feeling this compulsion to write for a few days now, but today it pounded at me. On this blog, I try to speak to entrepreneurs and business professionals on topics that most other business-oriented sites don’t even consider.

Conversation With My Muse

Girl in my head: Write something to help overworked, overstimulated, over connected business people find just one moment of peace and quiet during the day.

Me: But, I’ve already written a post about how to practice intentional solitude.

Girl in my head: There’s more to say. Something simple. Something amazing.

Me: Well what it is, girl? Speak it to me so I can do it and be rid of you!

Girl in my head: <goes off to another corner of my brain and leaves me struggling>

I decided that it probably wouldn’t happen today and began casually poking around the internet for a bit of inspiration…for tomorrow or some other day.

BOOM! I stumbled, by sheer accident, on an incredible site that anyone can use to have just a few moments of beautiful, encouraging, inspiring silence.

Put your phone in the other room.

Go to your desktop or laptop.

Turn off all email and other notification sounds.

But, leave the sound turned up on your computer.

Get away from other humans.

Navigate here, go full screen, and follow instructions.

You’re welcome.

Visiting this one little website everyday will get you started on the daily practice of enjoying silence. Remember, silence isn’t the absence of sound. It’s the absence of noise.

Every Day Is the Best Day.

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      That’s wonderful, Erin! It truly surprised me with its simplicity and effectiveness. I even teared up a little while going through the process. Not sure why…I think it was joy. I didn’t realize you were writing a book! I can’t wait to see. XOXO

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  1. Wow, what an awesome website! Another tool I use is Headspace, it’s great for feeling completely mindful for 10 minutes every day 🙂

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