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Transform Your Business with Intentional Silence

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Why You Need to Take a Quietness Break

Technology has taken over our culture. Kids and adults play Pokemon Go during their breaks from school and work. Entrepreneurs become so caught up in nurturing their startups, they neglect to unplug and enjoy all the life outside of business.

In fact, it’s estimated that Americans check their smartphones an average of 150 times each day. We check our social media profiles, text messages, emails. We plug in to entertainment like videos and music, keep up on stocks and the latest sports scores. Let’s face it: people in the developed world use technology for just about everything.

We’ve lost touch with the power of silence and it’s causing us to lose touch with ourselves.

Intentional Silence – A Cogent Thinking Tool

Whether you’re an entrepreneur or a part of a longstanding enterprise, you probably wish you were more productive. Maybe you’ve run up against a problem for which you simply can’t think of a viable solution (I call this the, “I got nothin’!” syndrome). Or, perhaps, you just feel burnt out and apathetic.

In these time-crunched, frenzied times you need to reclaim ownership of your most powerful cognitive tool: intentional silence.

Just five minutes of silence each day can foment a powerful shift in your life — one that transforms your productivity, your success, your personal happiness.

intentional solitude and silence

Cut the Cord – How Intentional Silence Enhances Everything

Silence and solitude strengthen your focus allowing you to draw upon your interior wisdom. It gives you a space to dig deep into possible solutions to problems, new ideas, and vision for the future.

Quietness unleashes dormant creativity, allowing new concepts and innovative ideas to flow. When alone and quiet, you can evaluate all ideas and thoughts about a topic without boundaries. Taking time for quiet and silent thought creates a vast canvas for your mind that has no rules, no preconceptions.

Solitude pulls you into the now, making mindfulness more easily attainable when you aren’t in a silent space. A disconnect from the present plants the seeds that cultivate our anxiety and frustrations. Your silent time brings awareness of the here-and-now back to focus, where true inner peace and fulfillment grows. In other words, you begin to untangle yourself from tomorrow’s worries and distractions, and immerse your being in the moment.

Elevated sensitivity will arise from consistent periods of quiet. As an entrepreneur, you’ve got to engage in a lot of listening. And to do it right, you need to hone your skills. Taking time to refrain from writing, speaking, reading, listening to music or any other external sound will heighten your sensitivity. An elevated sensitivity works to improve your ability to empathize, listen to others, and understand other perspectives. These are essential skills for success in business and life.

Periods of silence improve self awareness and allow you to reconnect with your internal person. With increased self awareness, we gain better control over our thoughts and actions rather than letting them control us. Snap decisions can ruin business and destroy relationships. Solitude gives you the opportunity to move away from the external influences and puts you in sync with your inner voice. Awareness of your interior self leads to improved self control.

Cultivate Essential Tools for Business

It takes rock solid self discipline and the ability to overcome discomfort to achieve notable success in any endeavor. Whether your goal is to grow a multi-million dollar company from nothing or to compete as an Olympic gymnast you won’t succeed if you can’t stay focused when challenges arise.

Take some time to unplug and disconnect today. Then do it again tomorrow. And the next day and the next. These daily breaks from the entrepreneurial hustle will actually fuel your success.

Next time I’ll show you what to do during your intentional silences and give you ideas for setting up the perfect environment for them.

Everyday is the best day.

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