About Samantha Gluck

From Humble Beginnings to Writing Stardom

I’ve helped executive professionals in all types of industry create killer content since 2009. While I specialize in consumer health, medical, and the financial sectors, I’ve written content for health and beauty, fashion, fitness, manufacturing, telecommunications, automotive, education industries and more — you name it, and I’ve probably done it.

Smashing Content Worries. Giving You Peace of Mind.

I started out as a journalist, writing for the Houston Chronicle Small Business section and soon picked up an additional gig that involved writing columns and medical news stories for MedCity Media and Cleveland Clinic.

From there, people began contacting me because they read something I wrote or heard from colleagues and friends how collaborating with me relieved anxiety and burdens associated with creating dynamic, compelling content.

Clients often come to me feeling concerned and overwhelmed because they want to share their knowledge and experience with others, but can’t figure out how to properly transfer it to consumable content.

One of my clients, owner of a daytrip business for tourists, said he felt mentally and physically spent when he had to develop content himself. He regularly lost a day or two of productivity directly after a marathon session. Obsessing over which way to say something and how to organize his thoughts left him unable to properly tend to his actual business. I removed that burden from him, freeing him up to do what he does best, while giving him a clear authoritative voice across his various content mediums.

Of course, most professionals don’t get quite as bogged down as my daytripping tour guide. But why allow something that’s not associated with your core operations get in the way of doing business at all?

That’s what I do – I take on your content burdens and pour on the peace of mind, so you can get back to the business of what you do best.

Send me an email and let’s talk.


About Samantha Gluck

From Humble Beginnings to Writing Stardom

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