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What if I told you that three words have the power to either capture your audience or drive them away?

Desires Identifications Beliefs

Each person who visits to your website, buys your new book, watches your videos, and reads your articles does this with a unique set of desires, identifications, and beliefs.

Those three words desires, identifications, and beliefs determine whether your audience stays or goes.

I learned this during one of my first editing courses. Though I can’t remember the source, I certainly remember the lesson. It’s critical to success.

Desires. First, your content must speak directly to each individual in your target audience in a way that they see its potential to satisfy their desires (needs). Some want entertainment, some need a solution to a problem, others simply want knowledge from an authoritative source.

Identifications. Next your audience must identify with you, your brand, your company and through that see what you’ve got to offer as a way to get them somewhere they want to be. It all comes down to whether you, your company, product, or service matches with how they see themselves.

Beliefs. Finally, your content must align with the beliefs, conscious or unconscious, held by your target audience. I’m talking raw, subjective beliefs, which logic and reason have very little power to sway. You communicate your own set of beliefs in every move your make – through what you say, in what you have to offer, and in what you do. Your audience will turn on you in a flash if your beliefs seem to violate their own.

You Need Me.

You’ve worked hard to become successful in your career.

It’s critical that your website, books, videos, and any other content directly associated with you, your product or service, and your company reflect your expertise and professional authority.

Whether you’re a physician, biomedical researcher, wealth manager, financial planner, or other highly specialized professional; you need professional content writing and editing help.

Collaborate with a pro who knows how to speak to the desires, identifications, and beliefs of those who can benefit from what you have to say and offer.

You need me, Samantha Gluck.

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